Monday, June 20, 2005

More on North Salt Lake Land War

The Deseret News ran a good story today about Mayor Kay Briggs of North Salt Lake, and his willingness to take on Mayor Rocky Anderson over the land on the bench in Salt Lake City, but owned by NSL. The story pretty well describes the Mayor Briggs I'm familiar with, having had my own run in with him over the Chevron-Texaco refinery, which is in unincorporated Davis County but which the mayor thought should be in NSL. It's a long story, but suffice it to say, I learned the mayor does not back down easily. I like the guy a lot, though. He speaks his mind, and there is no guile in him.

The Salt Lake Tribune editorialized this morning in favor of keeping the land undeveloped, but recognizing (as did the DesNews) that NSL is owed something. I've learned that the issue is pretty complex, that there is a lot of history to this property, and that both sides have valid points. What that tells me is there needs to be some careful discussion and negotiation. As I mentioned before, Ralph Becker seems to have a pretty good handle on the history of this, with his background on the Salt Lake City Planning Commission.

But Mayor Rocky did not help things at all with his rally last week, and Mayor Kay (as I've found out) is all too willing to give as good as he gets. So this is not a winning strategy. The Trib in its editorial says, "Anderson's decision to launch his plan with a needlessly hostile campaign rally was almost as needlessly in-your-face as Briggs' decision to crash the party and suggest his esteemed colleague was a liar. To bring this reasonable plan to the public's attention with a surreal media event...will only make it harder to settle the matter cordially."



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