Monday, July 11, 2005

TDR's -- Can They Work with Regular Zoning?

I'm back! Had a great trip, travelled all over western Montana, Idaho panhandle and into Spokane. Glacier Park is wonderful, amazing. And if you want a pleasant, peaceful, beautiful place to stay for a night or two, try Waterton Park in Cananda -- the village is the best!

OK, lots to blog about -- a quick scan of news items over the week that I was gone show some interesting things being discussed.

First, take a look at this item in the DesNews about transfer of development rights in Mapleton. We are trying to do something similar in Davis County, but I have always wondered how we implement a system of monetary benefit based on density and development rights, when at the same time the regular system of zoning exists. Developers and landowners would rather just try to talk the planning commission and city council into upzoning and reap the monetary windfall that way.

Hence, what happened in Mapleton. In that case, homeowners near the receiving area are objecting to density credits being transferred onto property they thought was going to be developed at the traditional zoning's lower density.

"We expected neighbors, but not that many," said one of the Mapleton homeowners.

And there's the rub. It is difficult to explain to neighborns how the land is zoned for one density, but if the right developer comes along with some cash, he can buy credits and up the density.

It seems like an area needs to have either one system of land use control or the other. Mixing them makes it harder.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Planner Perplexed said...

You make a good point.

I would go one step further and state that not only is there a problem with getting neighbors to accept that there will be an increase in density due to an TDR transfer, but perhaps an even greater problem is getting appointed and elected officials to buy off on the concept.

Davis County has been working for a year to implement a TDR program with limited success. At least one key city has rejected the idea while three others are weighing the possible benefits.

Eventually all three are likely to accept and embrace TDR's, but until they do, more priceless vacant land will be gobbled up by low density single family zoning in a county which can least afford to squander what little land that it has.

Mapleton's approach to TDR is a little different that what is being looked at in Davis and it seems to be working for their purposes. Let's hope that more jurisdictions will see the inherent value of land preservation and pursue TDR. It is truly one of the best land use tools in existence.

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At 8:24 AM, Blogger Shellback said...

Before moving to Utah I worked as a Planner in Nor California where we handled quite a few TDR/PDR projects. I feel that it may be a tough thing to sell here, and in other states where the Feds already own such a large percentage of the land. But where it is approached with an eye toward honoring local folks' sensibilities it can be a worthwhile and useful conservation tool.

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