Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Planning, Growth IS Local Politics

So what is much of local politics about, if it isn't about growth and development, and the planning of our communities?

This is borne out again in the budding stories about the upcoming municipal elections this fall. Yesterday was the deadline for candidate filings, and many of those signing up to run for mayor or city council are doing so because of growth-related issues.

The main story in today's Trib kicking off the local election season is about -- the zoning referendum in Sandy! Says the Trib, "...an active member of Save Our Communities -- the grass-roots group that challenged City Hall over development of a gravel pit near 9400 South and 1000 East -- is taking on three-term mayor Tom Dolan.

"'I'm just a citizen with a sense of frustration,' (mayoral candidate Gary) Forbush said."

The referendum on the gravel pit development will also be on the same ballot, by order of the Utah Supreme Court.

Like I said when I started this blog, so much of local politics is about planning for growth. It's what we do!


At 12:13 PM, Blogger ARCritic said...



Wilf, did you see these articles? Golf City in South Ogden is going to be turned into a high end subdivision because South Ogden was unwilling to pay for an appraisal to see if they would consider purchasing it. How much would that kind of appraisal have cost?

I don't know if a purchase would have been feasable but an article a few months ago coupled with what is said in one of these leads me to believe that the owners would have at least attempted to make a deal with the city had it really wanted to keep the land as green space open land.

And the Mayor is running uncontested this year for reelection.


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