Friday, August 26, 2005

Sandy Referendum Now Campaign Topic As Well

Who can say that, as I've said before, local politics is much about planning and zoning?

Today's Trib and DesNews confirm that assessment in spades, as they report on the first debate between Sandy's mayoral candidates. The primary topic of the debate -- the gravel pit development and the upcoming referendum on the zoning change.

And, by all accounts, things got a little heated as well.

Promises to be an interesting campaign season, if nothing else!


At 1:19 PM, Blogger ARCritic said...

Wilf, sorry my comment on the other post about the referendum should have been here. I found the Trib article seemed to provide more info as to why it was so heated than the News article. I read the News article and could not figure out when it got so heated.

I do note in the other news article that Sandy lost their Walmart which helps me understand why the mayor and city council were so bent on getting a new one.

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