Sunday, August 07, 2005

Utah County Gets Look at Bus Rapid Transit

A few days ago, the Deseret News reported that UTA displayed a sleek new rapid transit bus in Utah County for the folks to see and "covet." The bus was on its way to Los Angeles, and UTA officials asked to have the bus stop over.

But as the DesNews later wrote in an editorial, it's kind of ironic that this was done in Utah County, the place where elected officials aren't even sure they want UTA around, certainly not to provide any additional new funding for expanded transit service.

UTA, for their part, is following its plans and future blueprint. In the long range transit plans that I've seen for UTA, they have been discussing the need for an improved transit system in the Provo-Orem-BYU-UVSC corridor for some time. The idea that seems to make the most sense is a BRT system operating in a loop around these high-demand areas, where there are lots of students and faculty -- the kinds of folks that generally seem more inclinced (both financially and tempermentally) to use transit.

But Utah County officials, as I've noted in an earlier blog, seem less inclined to move forward on providing the funding for an expanded transit system in their county. And I know of several mayors in south Davis County who cannot wait for a BRT system there, where they are pushing the planning forward just as fast as they can go. Not to mention in several locations in Salt Lake County

Hmmmmm. Where to put those scarce resources?


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