Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Few Matters Inflame Civic Passions More Than Do Zoning Disputes"

So says the editorial in yesterday's DesNews, and I agree. Witness what most of the local elections for mayors and councilmembers seem to be about. And then, of course, the biggie out there this coming November -- the Sandy City gravel pit zoning referendum, which is what the editorial is about.

The News applauds the Supreme Court move to rewrite the ballot language for the referendum, saying it is now more objective than what either side would have liked. I don't dispute that. But I also don't think the language is very descriptive, nor does it get at what all the issues are -- how can it in a way that keeps it brief enough to be placed on a ballot? And that's my beef with this process.

The DesNews continues, "both sides owe it to Sandy residents to conduct factual and intellectually honest debate on the referendum. Sandy residents need to go straight to the respective hear their respective points of view. We encourage voters to keep up on the issue by reading this newspaper, as well."

Hmmm. Besides this little bit of self-promotion, what the DesNews says, we all know, is just what voters do on every issue and candidate before them in an election, right?


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