Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Referendum-itis Spreads

The south end of the Salt Lake Valley seems to be the hotbed for planning-related referenda. Now Bluffdale is getting into the act. A weekend story in the Trib says a group of residents are beginning a petition drive to overturn the Bluffdale City Council's adoption of a new zoning category called the Special Development Plan Zone.

The fear appears to be the potential for relaxed zoning rules in the development of a couple of very large projects.

This petition is for a so-called "legitimate" reason -- a legislative act by the council in adopting the new ordinance. But that is not always a perfect criterion either -- it may simply be the implementation of the community's general plan. It's the plan itself that is probably the most legitimate item to be put up for referendum vote.

But then we have this crystal clear guidance from the Supreme Court on this ......


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