Thursday, September 01, 2005

Should New Orleans Be Rebuilt?

Had an interesting comment posted on my blog entry on pioneers embracing smart growth, not about that entry, but instead asking for comment about whether New Orleans ought to be rebuilt in the same location, now that so much of it is damaged because of Hurricane Katrina.

The commenter, Hippodamus, asks, "Why rebuild a City at the original location when the framework and decision matrices for that first location decision have now changed with the passage of time... ."

The same could be said of the many smaller communities along the Mississippi gulf coast that were virtually wiped out by the storm. Perhaps even more so, since they are small since they have to be completely rebuilt, do it somewhere else where they would be safer from such storms.

But how do you replace the infrastructure of a city the size of New Orleans, particularly when the city wasn't completely wiped out? There is some sense to trying to do so, but practically it just doesn't seem possible to me.

Hippodamus asks for comments. Feel free.


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