Sunday, October 30, 2005

Local Politics is Mostly About Planning

Good story in yesterday's Trib about the planning issues facing Salt Lake City, such as the renovation of the two downtown malls by the LDS Church, planning for the northwest quadrant, etc., and how these are main topics of the candidates running for election this November. Like I've said before, local politics is much about planning issues, and like Tip O'Neal said, all politics is local.

So come on, planners, we should be right in the forefront of local politics. We are, I just think many of us don't realize it or try to ignore it, because planning should be based on "rational" anaylsis, not something as messy as politics.

If you want to see the mess of politics, read my next blog entry tomorrow, when I comment on the DesNews story today on Rep. Wayne Harper and his efforts, along with House Speaker Greg Curtis, to consider changing the way zoning works!


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