Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Approve Legacy Agreement

The state legislature votes later today on whether to accept the proposed settlement agreement on the Legacy Parkway. A lot has been written and reported in the press about it, with a (small?) group of legislators saying they are opposed because we shouldn't be dealing with "terrorists."

While I can understand the sentiment, it is easy for those opposed to make a stand on "principle" on an issue that is not in their backyard. More than that, given the federal laws that exist and the way the federal courts are interpreting, a settlement is probably the best result that can be gained. It's one thing to stand on principle, it's another to bash your head against a brick wall that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

All the major editorial boards in the state (Trib, DesNews, Standard-Examiner, KSL) have opined in favor of the settlement. A recent opinion piece by Davis County legislators Sheldon Killpack and Stuart Adams explains some of the misrepresentations that are being made by those opposed to the agreement (I heard some of those in an ad on KSL radio yesterday, and they are downright lies -- like a meandering route and 3-foot shoulders being part of the agreement).

I urge legislators to approve the agreement -- it's where we are in the real world, and it gives us all something to celebrate.


At 6:24 AM, Blogger google_PEAK_OIL said...

There seems to be a new urgency to get the Legacy issue resolved and construction underway as soon as possible. I wonder whether this is because the road building and development interests realize that the coming oil supply crisis will cause public and political support for road-building to rapidly evaporate, and this may be their last chance.
Congratulations on the likely approval of the Legacy agreement. It means you will probably get your 14 miles. It will be the only portion of the Legacy Highway ever built.
For those of you keeping track of public figures promoting awareness of Peak Oil, you can add Prince Charles, future king of England.
He is arranging presentations for business leaders by prominent Peak Oil author and lecturer Richard Heinberg.

"We should take note that our major oil companies, including Chevron and ExxonMobil, are beginning to state publicly that we may be reaching peak oil." -- Senator Orrin Hatch


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