Sunday, December 04, 2005

One Does It Right -- Another, Well...

Two good and contrasting opinion pieces in the Trib Sunday.

The first, by Alan Matheson, contrasts the way the Legacy Parkway in south Davis County was planned with the Mountain View Corridor in western Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Alan does a good job of pointing out that a planning process that includes a variety of viewpoints and opinions results, in the end, in a better (or at least more acceptable) project. This fits in many ways with the ideas in the book The Wisdom of Crowds, which I think have a lot of merit.

Indeed, if we are to avoid more referenda on planning issues, we must find ways to make decisions with greater public involvement and a broader range of views represented.

In Davis County, our attention will now turn from the Legacy Parkway to expanding transit into south Davis County, and planning for the north Legacy Parkway. Already, it is becoming clear to me that we need to follow Alan's advice. Farmington City has been working hard to plan for the north Legacy corridor through its rapidly growing west side, especially how it will connect to the south Legacy. While Farmington officials have been working hard to involve people in their community, those who will be intimately affected to the north in other communities have not had their say. The rumblings are beginning, and we must find a way to get their comments, as well as those of many others.

In the second opinion piece, Randy Horiuchi explains his views on the actions which ultimately led to the Utah Supreme Court recently affirming the decision by the lower court to have sections of the Fort Union Family Center torn down and moved. Randy does offer an apology for not following proper procedures, but says he was thinking of the county taxpayers as a whole in his zeal to see the project move forward.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Prof Simmons said...

Horiuchi's apology is odd. He claims he was willing to violate rules and materially harm a property owner in order to save the taxpayers money. Hell, if that is a justification then let's just ignore the Bill of Rights altogether. As someone who has built a career claiming to protect minority rights, his explanation has a bad odor.

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