Monday, January 16, 2006

Quick Notes on Legislation, Disconnection

Just a couple of quick references on some interesting stories I've followed and blogged on in the past.

The first is about the upcoming court hearing on the disconnection of a considerable amount of land from Bluffdale because the owners don't like how the city is treating them. Whether you agree or not with how the city has approached the planning for this area, it raises the bigger question in my mind of whether landowners can simply pick up their marbles and move over to somewhere they think they can get a better deal if they don't agree with the first city's proposed plans. Maybe the property owners have a point, but what a can of worms such an action could open... .

The second is a brief preview by the Trib of hot issues for municipalities in the upcoming legislative session. RDAs is certainly one of them, but more interesting is the possible bill that would change the presumption of validity for land use. I can't think of another state in the nation that approaches land use this way. While this type of bill may not be very likely to pass, it will still require considerable energy on the part of planners and local government officials to combat, and may cause us to settle for a "less onerous" proposal down the road. Watch out on this one.


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