Monday, March 13, 2006

On Open Space and Bluffdale

Just following up with a few odds and ends.

The DesNews ran story this morning on the Bluffdale disconnection case fallout. Not much new in this story -- just emphasizes that the developers are ready to move ahead, while the city prepares to appeal the case. There may not be a final resolution to this case for some time to come.

The Trib this morning ran a story about the failure of the state legislature to do much for the funding of open space preservation. The story points out that McAllister Critical Lands Fund was given only $1 million this year, a record surplus year, and that this was less than what was put into the fund last year. Also, the legislature refused to pass a bill that would have given some counties the option of holding a countywide vote to increase sales tax slightly for preservation of open space. Don't want anyone to try any new and forward-looking ideas, do we?


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