Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And Now...For Something Completely Different

Every once in a while, its helpful to step back and listen to the pure feedback that comes when plain people are ticked about something and all their true feelings come out.

Such was the case yesterday after a massive traffic jam was caused early in the morning when a couple of Port-A-Potties fell off a truck on southbound I-15 in North Salt Lake.

On the KSL News website, comments are allowed on their stories. The story about the Port-A-Pottie back-up (pun intended!) generated, to date, 97 comments, that ranged the whole gamut from poor drivers to urban planning.

Some of the more fun and interesting comments:

"I just got to work after sitting in traffic for nearly two hours. This is just one more example of how Davis County is desperately in need of alternative routes into SLC."

"I work in SLC, and live in SLC, and it took me 2 min. to get to work. What a concept!" -- Jason

"Great idea, Jason...everyone that works downtown should move downtown. Just close up Davis County, Tooele County, and any suburbs south of 2100 South. The only people that live there will be the ones that work at the grocery store and gas stations out there...oh, but then they won't really need those grocery stores and gas stations because the people using them would already live downtown. Instead of building alternate roads, lets just build massive skyscrapers to house everyone in Utah within a 2 mile radius. Why didn't anyone think of that before!"

"Some times people HAVE to work in their company's corporate offices which just happen to be downtown. That's just the way it has to work. So let's all move Downtown. Where would you recommend we all live?"

"So you're saying Tooele and Davis county can't support their own population? So you demand transportation, retail and shopping that you cant afford in your hometown? Makes sense. For road rage."

"If everyone that commuted into SLC for work suddenly didn't have to, there is a great chance that you would be out of a job. You obviously haven't a clue as to how much money commuters bring into SLC every day, for without us. you would be paying a lot more in taxes..."

"I live in North Ogden and commute to Murray. I was an hour and 1/2 in the commute today. I choose not to live in SLC or SL County. We do not need Legacy, it will be outdated when built. We need to continue with and expand mass transit. We do not need more pavement. We need to get out of the box and think past the moment. I will be happy to let someone else do the driving."

"I too live in Ogden and choose to, and yes we need another freeway, because if you're on the bus, on I-15 you ain't movin' when it's closed. So whether you use transit or not you are stuck!!! Can you see the irony? One way in and one way out, when that way is closed, not even buses get thru!!"

"Not everyone can live in Salt Lake City, next to their place of employment. Salt Lake City does not have the capacity to house everyone who works downtown. Not to mention the cost of living in the city is outrageous. To get a decent priced house in Salt Lake County and work downtown still requires a commute. The real choice is whether someone wants to live in the suburbs of a huge city where getting anything done takes a ridiculous amount of time, or live in the suburb of a smaller city where there is room for everyone, even during peak hours."

"I would feel better if there were some redundant systems for getting into/out of Davis County. A West Davis highway ("Legacy" is a stupid name!), heavy commuter rail, and better bus service are all needed. The only other option is to keep people from moving here and having kids. I agree with you on one thing: Davis County drivers are pretty bad!"

"I don't think that it's only Davis County drivers that are bad, it's a state wide problem, drive to Provo/Orem area some time."

"I, too, live in Davis County. I am getting tired of this being a Salt Lake County versus Davis County issue. You people in Salt Lake County who feel that Davis County should basically go away, try walking (or driving in this case) in our shoes. ... Yes, we need another route, for occasions like this when the freeway does get shut down. Another route besides the little, rinky-dink Main Street, that CANNOT handle freeway-volume traffic. We also need more and better mass transit. I know that the more people that ride mass transit, the less cars will ultimately be on the freeway. ... I also echo the comments of people who choose not to live in the Salt Lake area. It may not be cost effective, or not everybody in the household works in Salt Lake. I grew up in Davis County, and prefer Davis County over the Salt Lake area. Does that mean I should be banned from seeking employment in Salt Lake? No. Does it mean I should have to give up everything, and have to buy a more expensive house...? No. Please quit demonizing us in Davis/Weber Counties for choosing where we want to live."

"I think the bottom line to the problem is the fact that there are simply too many people... each person having to have a car, a huge house, etc. Over-population is going to do the world in. 12 billion people are expected within our lifetime. So just be ready for things to get worse."

And there's lots more. It's always helpful to take a few minutes and listen to what the people we are planning for have to say. They're not as unknowledgable about this stuff as we sometimes think!


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