Thursday, May 18, 2006

Transit, Transit -- Not Quite Everywhere!

Kick-off meeting yesterday in SLC for a $600,000 study of transportation in downtown Salt Lake. As the core central city of our region, anything that can be done to make it more viable and attractive should be a good thing. Coming on top of the recent discussion about raising Salt Lake County property taxes for the extension of four TRAX lines, it seem that SL County is doing much to enhance its transit options.

While I do not begrudge the big county these efforts, I hope we do not forget or relegate needed transit for other areas of the region as well. There will only be so much money and effort that can be put into building new transit, and if it is all focused on SL, what happens to the rest of the region?

While we are getting commuter rail in Davis and Weber Counties, more transit will be needed in these areas as well. And let's not forget Utah County, but in this case, residents and elected officials still need to step up to the plate and make a commitment to transit funding at least equal to what the other three Wasatch Front counties are doing.

In the Legacy Parkway settlement late last year, one of the provisions was that there would be about $2 million provided for an Environmental Impact Statement for expanding transit into south Davis County. According to UDOT staff, this study will likely get underway this summer, and take about 18 months.

As funding and options are considered for areas in Salt Lake County, let's not forget other outlying areas as well. After all, these areas will need it as much or more so than the central county.

Friday update: Looks like Utah County is indeed working to figure out its transit future, as noted in this DesNews story.


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