Saturday, June 10, 2006

More on Charters

Another story in yesterday's Trib on the charter school dust-up in Alpine. Not much new, just threats of lawsuits now, though Alpine did take kind of a unique approach to stopping the charter school construction, at least temporarily, by placing a two-month moratorium on the construction of all buildings 20,000 sf or larger. Really a good question as to whether that can apply to a use that is permitted in all zones by state code.

However, I do need to correct an attribution made to Glenn Way in the story, which says that state law makes charter schools permitted uses in all zones. "He (Way) says the city legally can do nothing to prevent or halt construction (of the charter school.)" As noted in a previous entry, that is not quite right. There are certain issues the city can set standards for, and that may be the purpose of the moratorium, to allow the city to adopt such standards.

Want to bet whether this topic comes up again in the next legislative session?


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