Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Property Rights Measures Fail - Except for Arizona

In the spirit of yesterday's elections, I took a quick look around the western states that had Measure 37 clones on their ballots this November. It seems that all have failed, except in Arizona.

The most-watched one was in Washington state, where a strong property-rights movement worked hard to emulate the actions of their sister state Oregon. The Seattle Times reports, however, that the measure was soundly defeated, losing by a landslide in all the Puget Sound counties, and even trailing in the more conservative eastern Washington counties. The measure was pushed primarily by the Washington Farm Bureau, but previous allies such as the realtors, builders and timber companies stayed away from this proposal.

Prop 90 in California was headed to defeat, with more than 52% of the vote going against it, and even in super-conservative Idaho, Proposition 2 failed.

Arizona, however, appears to have passed Proposition 207, which in addition to limitations on eminent domain for economic development purposes, requires landowners to be paid of land-use decisions affect the value of their property.


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